dinsdag 13 februari 2024

The Booster in the EUDX 2024

PA1B Constuction of the Booster

In the EU DX contest I used the Booster Cylinder Dipole. 
I used the Booster on 15 meters  and on 20 metres . These bands are not always open, but I seized the oppurtunity. Hi.

Bands and Power
The power of the set is 3 W on 21 MHz and 4 W on 14 MHz.
All QSO's are made with search and pounce. S&P. I did not call CQ myself.

There was some QSB. QSB can be a real showstopper, when working with QRP.
If I am lucky, it is best to start, when the signal strenght goes up.
Then the station will hear my call, before the signal peaks. And the QSO can be completed, before my signal fades again. Hi.

32 QSO's with 17 DXCC's
I am very pleased with the results.
I started on 15 m and after 3 QSO's I went to 20 m, to make 15 QSO's.
Then I went back to 15 m, to make another 12 QSO's.
After that I went to 28 MHz and to my surprise, I could make a QSO with just 800 mW, this time on the Monster Cylinder Dipole. 
In 3 QSO's the signal was so strong, that I reduced my power to QRPp and could make two 1000 Miles per watt QSO's.

The Booster is a cylinder dipole. The two cylinders, are each made from 6 Energy Booster cans from aluminium, that are cut open and bolted together. The wingspan is 55 cm or 22 inch. Hi.
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