zaterdag 8 juli 2017

UN1HQ in IARU HF contest with QRPp

I just made about 25 QSO's in the IARU HF contest. The speed of the contest stations is higher than in others contests. So sometimes it's difficult to get the call right. Some signals were very strong, so I could reduce the power. I used a power from 3.6 watt down to 36 milliwatt on 14 MHz with an end fed wire. hi.

When I wanted to stop, I heard UN1HQ from Kazakhstan. The signal was S++, so I was sure that the QSO could be made with QRPp. I used a power of 360 milliwatt to answer, again and again. But he could not hear me. There were many stations answering. It was obvious that my signal was NOT the strongest, thus of course, every other station with 100 watts, or even more, goes first. It took me a long time. But suddenly after 15 or more calls, my signal was in the clear and was heard.
So I made the QSO with UN1HQ in Kazakhstan with just 360 milliwatt. WOW. Sometimes I doubted, whether I would succeed, but my perseverance pay off. hi.