zaterdag 28 mei 2011


The CQ-M contest is a very nice contest in which I participate for many years. I like it, when in a contest you ca work with stations from all countries.

The first 11 QSO's were made with Russia on 14 MHz, with 800 mW or 400 mW. Then I went to 21 MHz to make more QSO's with stations from Russia.
Most QSO's were made on 14 MHz and 21 MHz and 4 QSO's on 7 MHz.

In this contest I used the least possible power in each contest QSO.
I was suprised to make 3 QSO's with 80, 40 and even 20 mW.
When the propagation is very good and signal are received with S9+10dB or even more, QSO's can be made with 100 mW or less.
All of the QSO's made with 800 mW or less and the QSO's with the USA are good for 1000 Miles per Watt.
For JT I used 2.7 wats. With less was not possible. hi

zaterdag 14 mei 2011

Start of the CQ-M

I just made 3 contest QSO's with low power on 14 MHz in the CQ-M contest.
UA3 with 600 mW, UA1 with 300 mW and UA9 with 600 mW.
In theQSO to UA9 I had to be very patient because of the activity on the band.
The 3 operators I just met are good listeners.
All 3 QSO are made with more than 1000 Miles per watt.
So even with the reduced* power of the FT-817, I can still make QSO's.
*See previous post.

woensdag 4 mei 2011

The FT817 loses 3 dB

In the rush to join the net of PI4NWG, I did not notice that the tuner that I always use for 145 MHz, was on the wrong band.
At first my signal was heard, later everyone agreed that Bert was not heard.

When Rob PA1X mentioned that there was something wrong, I started to check, but it was already too late.
Due to the serious mismatch, the FT-817 delivers less power.
At first I thought that the PA of the FT-817 was deceased.
But later, on the dummy load, on HF the Rig showed a sign of live.
The maximum power is now 2.5 W and the lowest power is abt 300 mW.

I can still use the FT-817 with reduced power. In many contest QSO I use the lowest possible power. I can still make 50 mW using 0.5 W and an attenuator of 10 dB.
I will miss the position for a power of 980 mW, as being the highest power for QRPp

Over the last months I encouraged other Bloggers, to use less power than 5 watts, to make a 1000 Miles per Watt QSO, when the distance is less than 5000 miles.
The maximum power of 2.5 W from the FT-817 will still give 1000 MPW to Canada and the USA.
But I will miss the extra punch of 5 watts, that I only use if necesarry.

zondag 1 mei 2011

Kleindochters te logeren

Van vrijdag op zaterdag logeerde onze kleindochters bij ons. Mijn vrouw was 's avonds weg, dus ik heb ik de jonge dames in bed gestopt. De jongste (2) werd wakker toen de oudste (6) er in ging. Ik heb haar er uit gehaald en haar grote zus een kusje laten geven. Wat heel even een avond lang gehuil leek te worden, veranderde binnen een minuut. Mooie oefening om gewoon rustig te blijven, wat er ook gebeurt. Zij hebben doorgeslapen tot de volgende morgen zeven uur. Mooie tijd.