donderdag 2 februari 2023

HA-DX Contest 2023

I had great fun in the HA-DX Contest of 2023. I used my FT-817 QRP transceiver with CW on an End fed, that is fed via 300 ohm twin lead.

Strong signals
When I started just before 15 utc on 20 meter, I heard very strong signals. A signal of S9 can be answered with 1 W or 500 mW. But the signals were very strong: S9 + 10 dB. This gives the possibility to make QSO's with 80 mW or even 36 mW.
When I came on the band, I first looked for the stations that were received with S9 + 10 dB.

In the first two hours on the band I made 12 QSO's with 36 mW and 80 mW. All with search an pounce. (S&P) Only when I am sure the my signal is not heard, I will increase my power and try again.
The lowest power of my FT-817 with CW is 360 mW. This 360 mW is reduced to 36  mW with a 10 dB attenuator. My homebrew power attenuator of 10 dB

Later I made QSO's with 800 mW and 360 mW, when the signal strenght decreased.
When the band closed, I went to 7 MHz. After one QSO I decided to stop because it was too difficult.
My 2,7 W was not heard between all QRO-signals.

On sunday I started on 7 MHz with 2.7 Watt.
Later I went to 14 MHz to make QSO's with 360 mW, 800 mW and 3.6 Watt.
I use 3.6 W when my 800 mW is not heard.

My RIG: FT-817  (3,6W  -->  360 mW)
10 dB Attenuator to reduce below 360 mW.
Antenna: Storm or Wind proof End fed.