donderdag 2 februari 2023

HA-DX Contest 2023

I had great fun in the HA-DX Contest of 2023. I used my FT-817 QRP transceiver with CW on an End fed, that is fed via 300 ohm twin lead.

Strong signals
When I started just before 15 utc on 20 meter, I heard very strong signals. A signal of S9 can be answered with 1 W or 500 mW. But the signals were very strong: S9 + 10 dB. This gives the possibility to make QSO's with 80 mW or even 36 mW.
When I came on the band, I first looked for the stations that were received with S9 + 10 dB.

In the first two hours on the band I made 12 QSO's with 36 mW and 80 mW. All with search an pounce. (S&P) Only when I am sure the my signal is not heard, I will increase my power and try again.
The lowest power of my FT-817 with CW is 360 mW. This 360 mW is reduced to 36  mW with a 10 dB attenuator. My homebrew power attenuator of 10 dB

Later I made QSO's with 800 mW and 360 mW, when the signal strenght decreased.
When the band closed, I went to 7 MHz. After one QSO I decided to stop because it was too difficult.
My 2,7 W was not heard between all QRO-signals.

On sunday I started on 7 MHz with 2.7 Watt.
Later I went to 14 MHz to make QSO's with 360 mW, 800 mW and 3.6 Watt.
I use 3.6 W when my 800 mW is not heard.

My RIG: FT-817  (3,6W  -->  360 mW)
10 dB Attenuator to reduce below 360 mW.
Antenna: Storm or Wind proof End fed.

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  1. Hallo Bert, weer mooie resultaten. 73 Paul

  2. Good morning again Bert, once again you show how little power can still make it through. Oh and just to remind you my former call was VE3WDM I have moved to the east coast of Canada (retired) and have the call VE9KK now. Just in case you were not sure who VE9KK was.

    1. Hello Mike, I made a note of your call right when it was brandnew. Hi.
      I see that I must add your VE9KK Blog. I use to see your Blog via Bas PE4BAS. Hi. All the best to you and Julie. 73, Bert

  3. Hi Bert, mijn blog URL is gewijzigd in: 73 Paul