zondag 25 februari 2018

UBA DX CW contest

When I came on the band on 20 m, I heard a UA3 station with an ear splitting signal of S9 + 20 dB. So my first QSO I could finish with just 8 milliwatt, using the PA1B attenuator. WOW.
Friday before the contest the contest, I repaired the support for the antenna. My simple mast was damaged by storm. It was sunny, when I went onto the roof. Just in time for the UBA DX CW contest.

My antenna is an end fed that is fed via a 300 ohm twin lead. The twin lead acts as a counterpoise and acts as an impedance transformer. The end fed is sloping down to the east.

I made 20 QRPp QSO's with 800 milliwatt or less and 14 QRP QSO's with 2, 3 or 4 Watt.
QSO's in red in the table are more than 1000 Miles per Watt QSO's
All QSO's are made with search and pounce (S&P). My CQ with 800 mW gave NO response at all. hi.
UBA  DX CW contest 2018 PA1B