vrijdag 15 juli 2022

SX1T QSL by e-mail

I received a very nice Digital QSL card from Antonis SX1T by e-mail.
Antonis writes that it is not an official QSL card, but I very much like it. Hi.

Antonis writes:
This in NOT a valid QSL. This is a greeting and a message. You don't have to reply with an email QSL. This email was automatically created using the FREE HamTools by PA4R
The distance from my QTH to Greece is just more than 1000 miles.
So I reduced my power to 800 mW before answering the CQ of Antonis, to make a "more than 1000 Miles per Watt" QSO.

We made a QSO with 1634 Miles per Watt.
Over a distance of 1307 Miles between our QTH's and a  power of 800 mW.
As a low power enthusiast I always try to use the lowest possible power in each QSO.

Tnx to Antonis for the very nice QSO and the very nice QSL card.