vrijdag 21 september 2018

Veron HF day meeting

This year I attended the Veron HF-day because of the interesting readings together with Henk PG7H. I was surprised to meet a fellow blogger, Bas PE4BAS. We met Bas PE4BAS and Tjip PD2TW, who had made the long trip to Apeldoorn. Bas and I had a lot to talk about during the lunch that we had later.

Bert PA1B and Bas PE4BAS 
I very much liked the two readings about the Aleksander alternator transmitter in Grimeton in Sweden by mr. Ola Hernvall.
I enjoyed the interesting reading about FT8 by Jan DL1JAN. Later it was great fun to see Jan, presenting a small quiz in which he accidentally, showed the answers before the questions. (hi). Luckily Jan shows a great resilience.
We applauded for Bas for reaching the 2e place in the PACC in the Low Power category. FB. But what I call low power, is very low power to the rest of all amateurs. Hi.
Further there was an interesting reading about working DX. It was interesting to hear how the DX stations, try to pick up also QRP stations.