maandag 28 december 2020

CQ WW DX CW 2020

My shack has a new ceiling. 
So before I could start in the CQ WW DX CW 2020, I placed all the gear back in the shack.

Delayed start
But when I started, I could not get a good SWR. In the end it took me an hour to figure out what was wrong. Unfortunately one of the PL259 connectors of the cable between the set and the SWR-meter was NOT screwed, in a decent way of course. After I found out, I could start. But then my wife asked my to make a label for a return packet. This took less than an hour.

CQ WW DX CW 2020
I enjoyed the contest. I was looking forward to participate. I made a total of 139 QSO's, all with search and pounce. The Rig is a FT-817 with a maximum power of 4 watts. My antenna is an end fed sloping down to the east. 
I worked on 40 m, 20 m and 15m.
On 20 m I 
used a power of 4 W down to 36 mW, using the 10 dB PA1B power attenuator.

Very low power
I started on 20 m with 800 mW to 4 W and then after 6 QSO’s the S-meter went up to S9+10 dB. So I could make the first QSO with 36 mW. With 360 mW from the set and the attenuator on 10 dB. Only on Saturday I could make a 7 QSO's with only 36 mW and just one on Sunday.

It was great to make a QSO 
with TA3ST with his excellent ears. I first tried with 360 mW, but when my signal was not heard, I increased the power (with 3 dB) to make the QSO. I could barely hear him, but he could hear my 800 mW. Hi. FB.