zaterdag 9 maart 2024

Booster and End fed in UBA DX CW 2024

Booster Cylinder Dipole
Wingspan 55 cm - 22"
In the UBA DX CW contest I used the Indoor Booster Cylinder Dipole and my End fed antenna. 
I used the Booster Cylinder Dipole exclusively on 21 MHz.
I used the End-fed on 14 MHz, 7MHz and 3.5 MHz.

Booster Cylinder Dipole
On 21 MHz I compared the Booster with the End fed. Strong signals on the End fed could be worked easily with the Booster Cylinder Dipole. Also with a lower power than 3 or 4 Watt. Hi.
On 14 MHz  I had to use "Full Power" to make the QSO's.
I used Search & Pounce for all QSO's that I made with the Booster.
This gives the opportunity to lower the power, when the received signal is strong.

End Fed on lower bands

 As a Low Power enthusiast I often use Search an Pounce (S&P). When the signals are strong I use S&P, instead of calling CQ with  the maximum power of my QRP set.
Before I answer a CQ, I can adjust my power, using the S-meter reading. The stronger the signal, the lower the power can be. Propagation works both ways.