dinsdag 23 januari 2024

Booster in HA DX 2024

Booster - Cylinder dipole
The HA DX contest is a contest with much activity. So I decided to work with my indoor Booster Cylinder Dipole. As a low power enthusiast I always work with QRP or QRPp (less than 1 W) when possible. The stonger the received signal, the lower the power can be. The Booster hangs in the Dormer Window.

The table shows the 17 QSO's that I made on 21 MHz.
21 MHz worked more easily than the other bands. Hi.
Further only one QSO on 14 MHz was made.

PA1B in HA DX 2024 with QRP on 21 MHz
Booster Cylinder Dipole - Wingspan 55 cm

The Booster is a cylinder dipole. The two cylinders, are each made from 6 Energy Booster cans from aluminium, that are cut open and bolted together.
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The Booster in the dormer window (dakkapel) PA1B

Taps on the coil. One turn apart. PA1B

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