woensdag 21 mei 2014

Notes from the SP DX contest

I never use a fixed power, but adjust my power from QSO to QSO.
Before I answer the CQ, I adjust my power to:  500 mW,  1 W, 2.5 watts or 5 watts.
If the signal is very strong, I use the S-meter to determine the power that I wil use.
For example: a signal of:  S+ + 10 dB, I can answer with 50 mW,
To make such a low power I use an attenuator of 10 dB.

To enter the call or write down  the call and to set the power at the same time, is impossible,
So I am always too late for the first opportunity to answer.
And sometimes, I even switch to the wrong setting, which can be to low or to high. hi

Using the lowest possible power is great fun, but can also be a nerve wracking enterprise.

Interesting Experiences      Wow's and Woo's from my handwritten notes, made during the SP DX 2014
* In the QSO with SP8HW I realized that listening is very important.
    When I started to answer a CQ, I heard an other station answering, in the background.
    When he stopped, I gave my call twice, in the clear and made the QSO with 500 mW.
* I worked 3Z50AYP in a hurry. I was so excited, that I used 500 mW instead of a lower power.
    After the QSO it was quiet on the frequency. But a dupe will be impossible. ;-(
* SP6EIY can not hear me with 500 mW and 1 W. Maybe later.
* I seized the opportunity to switch back to 500 mW, while waiting  for a very loud station.
    It's important to immediately adjust to 500 mW, after a QSO with 1 W or 5 W.
* I had to push to make a QSO with SP2GJV with just 50 mW, which is quite remarkable.
    There was a lot of QRM in the background.
* Station after station, visited SP3FYX.
    I had to have a lot of patience, not to increase the power to 5 watts.
    And finaly, to use just 500 mW.
* I love chirpping stations. I work SP7.... with 5W.
* Worked SP9YFF with 500 mW, before I got the call complete.
    I realized that . . . FF was a new one.
* After the QSO with SN8N, I realize that I should have used 50 mW instead of 500 mW.
    The signal was earsplitting loud. S++
* One station after the other goes in to the log. It 's a mix of 500 mW and 5 W.
* It's very busy. I have to look for stations that are calling CQ with no takers.
* SP6ZDA At the last moment, I decide to switch in the 10 dB attenuator.
    Resulting in a QSO in the clear, with just 50 mW.
* Now I recognize new stations by the last letters of the call.
* 3Z8Z fades. I need 5 W.
* The numbers of my computer program and the Morse Machine differ.
    I correct the Morse Machine.
* SP9MZS Earsplitting signal. But the setting is wrong, so 500 mW instead of 50 mW.
    Next time better.

    I could make all these fine QSO's, thanks to all the fine operators in the from Poland.

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  1. Good morning Bert, it was very nice to read in your list the same things I have done during contests. I have fell into the trap of excitement and thinking I was making a contact with 50mW to find out it was 500mW……now having said that 500mW is still a great contact. It's good to hear there are other who have the same op's moments I too have had.

    1. Hello Mike, I enjoy making these notes of experiences in the contest. Yes, very recognizeable. It happens to us all. Enjoy the moment and smile the next time it happens to you. Hi. 73, Bert.