donderdag 5 januari 2012

Half an Inverted Vee

One of the wires of my Inverted Vee is broken,
due to the heavy winds of the last days.
First the lower point came loose and today
the wire broke at the top. The wire is still on the roof.

I am not in a hurry to repair the antenna.
I used "half an Inverted Vee" before, for about one year and noticed that I could still use QRPp and still make more than 1000 Miles per Watt QSO's.
So I say: Half an Inverted Vee is still an antenna.
I will see what the antenna does this time. hi.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. hallo Bert, ik hield ook mijn hart vast met die stormen. Gelukkig is alles heel gebleven. Het is wel een mooi experiment om uit te proberen. 73 Paul

  2. Hi Paul. Monday was sunny here, without too much wind. At that time, I did not want to go onto the roof to fix the loose end of one of the wires. This would have been pointless, because the same wire now has broken in the feeding point. hi
    73, Bert

  3. Hallo Bert, hier ook wat schade. Heb nu een halve loop. Zou dat ook werken met QRPp? 73, Bas

  4. Sorry to hear about the high winds. Is this normal for this time of year?

  5. Good morning Bert, the high winds out your way has also taken it's told on Bas's antenna as well. It's good that your damaged antenna is not used that often.

  6. Bas, "ik weet het niet", zou Pooh zeggen, over de halve loop met QRP. PA1B zegt: "gewoon proberen".

    John, the best thing about the wether, is the change from year to year. Last year we had snow in December. Now it is very mild. So, I don't know what is normal. hi.
    Normally I have to repair my Inverted Vee once in the two years. So this repair was normal.

    Dave, I have used, such a demage antenna, during a year, also in major contests. hi

    Bas, in this time of the year, the most safe place for an antenna is indoors, ask John and Dave. hi.