zaterdag 3 mei 2014


General Vladimir Zaimov
I just started in the ARI DX contest.
This is an interesting contest for a low power enthusiast like me,
because this is a DX contest, so I can work any station, so many stations can be worked with low power.
For the first QSO, I selected the very strong signal of OM5WW and worked him with just 50 mW.

The second station was LZ69VZ.
I like stations with special calls, so I gave him a call.
After exchanging the numbers, something very remarkable happened.
I got a question. At first I though that I had to repeat my call.
And repeated my call. But the question was . . . .
So the question was: what power do you use?
I immediately thought, this must an operator, that had met me many time before and knows from my QSL cards that I often use low power. And indeed, the operator is Gosho LZ1ZF, who I meet in many contests.
I gave: 500 mW. hi

Thank you Gosho. My 1000 Miles per Watt QSL for LZ69VZ will be on his way in a few weeks.
If you hear Gosho, give him a call.

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