zaterdag 3 januari 2015

WSPR Propagation Analysis - G3XBM 28 MHz Dec 2014 (2)

The propagation changes from day to day, as you can read in the blog of Roger G3XBM.

Here is an analysis of the WSPR spots of G3XBM that were received by K9AN 
on the 24th and the 28th of December 2014.  
The time is given in UTC.
The diagrams show a lot of spots, since K9AN listens every two minutes. hi

The lower the calculated lowest possible power, the better the propagation.
On the 24th, the propagation is at it's best around 13:50 UTC and 17:06 UTC,
with a calculated lowest possible power of 5 milliwatts.
 Click to enlarge.     G3XBM  received by  K9AN  on  2014-12-24
On the 28th the propagation has a short peak at 14:52 UTC.

Around that time there are seven successive spots, every two minutes.
In the spot of 16:36 utc, the full power of 500 mW is needed, to be spot. hi. 
G3XBM received by K9AN  on   2014-12-28
In most of the spots, the calculated lowest possible power is 50 mW or less, on both days.
This means that, if you would use CW instead of WSPR, that 1 watt (20 * 50 mW) could be used to make QSO's in CW.

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