zondag 26 februari 2012

UBA DX CW contest

The UBA DX CW contest is a very nice contest. Such a DX contest gives the opportunity to work everyone. On Saturday I used the lowest possible power in each QSO. On Sunday I also gave CQ my self in a few QSO's. I worked mainly station from Europe. The antenna is an Inverted Vee.

UBA DX 2012 - PA1B
The table shows the worked DXCC's. The numbers in red are more than 1000 MPW QSO's. After a quick count I realized, that I made much more 1000 Miles per Watts QSO's, than I expected.
45 QSO's out of 72 is 63%

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Good evening Bert, great work in the contest and very nice amount of QRPp contacts. I am in the process of ordering the Hendricks Attenuator as a kit it looks to be a great unit. This way I can switch very fast to different power levels.

  2. Wow...the 2.7W's are impressive. The red's are astronomical. Great Job Bert!

  3. Hello Dave and John, thanks for your nice comments. I just found out that I did not answer in 2012, while I was testing the UBA CW label. hi. 73, Bert