donderdag 20 oktober 2011

1000 MPW QSO's in the WAG-contest

On saturday, I started in the 20 m band and made 2 QSO with 180 mW and 36 mW.
The signals on 20 m were strong.
On sunday morning I started early on 80 m and later went to 40 m. On these bands I made a total of 26 QSO's all with 2.7 W. Signals were not so strong.

Then I went to 20 m. The signals were very strong. I started with 360 mW and reduced the power whenever possible. In a few hours I made another 16 QSO's, from 360 mW down to 3.6 mW, with the FT-817 and attenuators of 10 dB or 20 dB. I was suprised by the short skip distance.

In the next picture I plotted the location of the worked stations. You can follow the QSO sequence. Numbers 1 to 18. QSO 1 and 2 were made on saturday and QSO 3 to 18 were made on sunday.

Most of the worked stations are concentrated in 4 areas near large cities in the south and the east of the country. München (Munich), Dresden, Cottbus and Berlin. With a shortest distance of 329 miles.

On sunday I started with 360 mW in QSO #3. I don't count this QSO for a 1000 Miles per Watt QSO, with just 1001 MPW. It is just to close to the edge.
From QSO # 3 on I could reduce the power from 360 mW dowm to 3.6 mW, almost in a staight line. So nearly all QSO's on 20 meter gave more than 1000 MPW.

In this plot I give the QSO number and the power of the QSO for the QSO's around the city of München (Munich). QSO #10 and #16 were made with the same station, DL1A. QSO # 16 is a Dupe that was made with just a lower power.

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  1. Good evening Bert, very nice work and last night I was on WSPR with 1 watt and down to 500mw was still able to get the signal into Europe. By reading your results and seeing mine last night the propagation gods are smiling for sure.

  2. Great to read this results.

    Change Suturday to Saturday.

    73, Tjeerd

  3. Hello Mike,
    I found your WSPR spots in 5 time slots in the WSPR data base. One time slot with 1 watt and 4 with 5 watts.
    The data is very convicing. You are received in Europe with 1 watt.
    I made a publishable Analysis, that it on it's way to you via e-mail.
    What is the lowest power that you can use?
    Please, just reduce the power and be suprised.
    73, Bert