dinsdag 4 oktober 2011

DL3PB Sputnik crosses the Atlantic

Unfortunitely my Sputnik transmitter was not ready for the Sputnik QSO party. After building the transmitter and the two power supplies, tests showed that the oscillator did not work. With no time left for serious trouble shooting, I decided to listen for other Sputniks.
I listened on 21.061 MHz and heard Paul WA4IUC answering the
400 milliwatt signal of the Sputnik Peter DL3PB.
I could copy the signal of Paul with much QSB. Paul used 5 watts into a 7 element Yagi. I could not hear Peter.

Although my Sputnik transmitter is not (yet) working, I feel connected by receiving the signals of Paul, showing that the Sputnik of Peter crossed the Atlantic. hi
If all is correct, the QSO of Peter is good for about 10000 miles per Watt.
A great achivement.

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  1. Hallo Bert, ik had her en der al wat gelezen over dat Sputnik project. Erg leuk, lijkt me. Succes, 73 Paul