dinsdag 24 april 2018

Russian DX 2018

I had great fun with very low power in the Russian DX contest 2018.

I made more than 30 QSO's on 14 MHz and 2 QSO's on 7 MHz.
The propagation was good, so I could reduce my power when the S-meter goes up.
I used S&P in all QSO's.
For a power of less than 360 milliwatt, I use the PA1B attenuator to reduce my power.

I very much enjoyed the QSO with RT6A.
The signal was about S9+20dB, so I could reduce to 3,6 mW.
I was very lucky, because I heard RT6A 15 minutes earlier, but 10 dB less strong.
But at that time, many stations were calling, so my modest signal could not be heard. hi.

RDXC 2018 by PA1B

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hallo Bert, mooie resultaten weer. 73 Paul PA0K

    1. Hallo Paul, de condities voor laag vermogen waren prima. Naar mate de tijd verstrijkt, worden de signalen sterker. Het was heel leuk. 73, Bert