vrijdag 18 maart 2016

Transmission of SAQ

I never heard the transmission of SAQ on 17.2 kHz in CW, my self on the air. So last December I wanted to install my active loop antenna with 12 turns and a the frequency converter to listen, but . . . I was to late. It would take hours to figure out, how to connect the circuits, that were last used, years ago. I thought that I had all day to prepare, on the 24th of December. But when I looked it up, on internet, I noticed that the transmission would start within 15 minutes. hi.
I immediately decided to follow the transmission on internet and I liked it very much. I watched the live stream. The live stream shows what is happening at the machine. You can see the operators in their blue shirts. At 7:47 utc I saw the CW operator take his place behind the key. You could hear that the text  vvv de SAQ now was given by hand. 
When I started to watch there were already 66 persons watching. At the end of the transmission 119 persons were watching.
I sharpened my pencil and wrote down the text. I enjoyed it very much. I like the live stream and just taking the Morse code by hand behind the computer in the shack. hi.

The machine at SAQ      In the shack of PA1B
Thanks to the SAQ team for the interesting transmission.

Up date
SAQ is special station from Sweden which operates on 17.2 kHz. The power is generated by a generator. Please visit www.alexander.n.se for info.

Here is the video of the transmission that I followed.
In the video at 5:40  vvvv vvvv de SAQ SAQ starts, automatically keyed, until 16:53 min.
At 17:00 minutes in the video, the CW operator takes over. 

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  1. Hallo Bert, geen flauw idee waar het over gaat. Freq? 73 Paul PC4T

    1. Hallo Paul, SAQ is een Zweedse station, dat uitzendt met een machine zender op 17,2 kHz. Aan het eind van de uitzending, werd verwezen naar www.alexander.n.se voor de info over dit interessante station. Bedankt voor de opmerking. FB. 73, Bert