vrijdag 17 juni 2011

Propagation, activity and antenna

The order of importance is: Propagation -  Activity Antenna

 When I started as a HAM in 1990 I used a homebrew QRPp transceiver for 7 MHz, which I call the HM7 and an inverted Vee antenna.
In the 10 years that I used this CW transceiver extensively, I worked many European countries with a power of only 500 milliwatts in many normal QSO's and many contest QSO's. The excellent design comes from the book solid state design for the radio amateur.
I used this transceiver as a homestation and on holiday. Homebrew, QRP and CW (morse code) is a fabulous combination.CW is the most intriging mode of all. I noticed that you probably can not come closer to the signal, than in CW.

During the years that I used this TRX, I had great fun and I noticed that the activity on the band is more important than the antenna. With 500 mW the signals of the other stations must be S9 or more. Especially contest stations are eager to work everyone, so many QSO's can be made in a contest.
Further I discovered that propagation is more much important than the antenna. The Inverted Vee is not the best antenna, but the daily changes in the propagation can not be beaten by any antenna.

So to me, the order of importance is: Propagation -  Activity - Antenna

4 opmerkingen:

  1. That order sounds great to me Bert considering I am only dealing with an attic antenna farm.

  2. Hallo Bert, I agree, propagation is number one.
    I need to stop messing around with my enfed antenna, and concentrate on the propagation..
    73 Mark..

  3. Absouut Bert, propagatie is eerste plaats en dan natuurlijk activiteitals de propagate goed is. Als dat allemaal klopt red je het zelfs met een dummyload....73, Bas

  4. Mike, Not only HAM's with simple antenna's know these facts. hi Hopefully your new multiband antenna, gives you a lot of radio fun.

    Mark, I use end fed antenna's on holiday, with great results. Google with PA1B QRPp to my interesting web site and then click on Holiday Transmach.
    Read about the 300 ohm ribbon to avoid a diffcult groudsystem.
    Good luck with the wire antnna.

    Bas, Propagatie doet veel meer dan een spectaculaire antenne. hi
    Propagation does much more than a spectacular antenna. hi
    73, Bert