donderdag 24 maart 2016

Contest QSO's with the cylinder dipole

Is it really THAT simple?
The cylinder dipole has proven to be a indoor HF-antenna with the size of a VHF/UHF-antenna.  The cylinder dipole with Monster energy cans is working fine on 15 m.

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This table gives an inside on the number of CW contest QSO's that I made with cylinder dipoles per band and per contest. In the table, QSO means a single QSO outside a contest. All QSO's were made with 4 W or less.

Most of the QSO's were made with the cylinder dipole with two Monster cans.
I noticed that there is NO sharp boundary, but the the Monster seem to work better on 21 MHz than on 14 MHz.
It is not easy to compare antennas on different bands or in different contests, because the propagation has much more influence than the used frequency.

Number of QSO's per band with Cylinder Dipoles  -  PA1B
Easy to build indoor antenna
The Monster cylinder dipole, made of two Monster energy cans of 500 ml is a good, easy to build indoor antenna for 15 m, but also works on 10 m and 20 m. If you want to get acquaint with the indoor cylinder dipole, I suggest to build the cylinder dipole with Monster cans and a coil with 9 turns on a coil former of 80 mm. The cylinder dipole is fed on two taps at the center of the coil that are ONE turn apart.

More construction info here Click

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