zondag 4 maart 2012

UBA DX CW Contest (2)

In most contests, I use the lowest possible power in each QSO.
Also in this contest I started with search and pounce with low power.
But because a station from the Netherlands is a wanted station in this contest, I also tried to called CQ myself, using 2.7 W.
Very occasionally I was heard by more than one station, who would than call at the same time. But on other moments my QSO-rate dropped, when I called CQ. So then I would go back to S&P after a few QSO's.

I calculated that I made one QSO in two or three minutes, while searching on the band, answering stations that are calling CQ.
When not too many other stations are also answering, I don't have to wait long to make a low power QSO.
I tent to answer, with more power than needed, when I have to wait for a longer time.

The bands
14 and 21 MHz were good. On 14 MHz the lowest power was used.
On 14 MHz 80% of the QSO's were made with QRPp and on 21 MHz only 50%.

When the S-meter goes up, the power goes down.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Good afternoon Bert, it's great to be a wanted station during a contet...would be great if that happened over here at VE3WDM! Great results Bert and the power to which you did it is fantastic.

  2. Hello Mike, in this contest, stations from the European Union give 3 points, Belgian stations 10points and the rest point.
    That is why I am wanted in this contest. hi
    73, Bert