zondag 6 november 2011

Ukrainian DX 2011

I had great fun in the Ukrainian DX contest with low power. The 20 m, 15 m and 10 m bands were doing very well. I used a power of 2.7 W down to 36 mW and an Inverted Vee. I used the lowest possible power in each QSO.
I love these DX contests, in which I can work any station that I want.

I found out that 20 meters is still the best band for milliwatting.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Good morning Bert, yes 20 for sure is the best band over all. Out this way 20 meters was covered with ARRL sweepstakes contest. I did not participate in the contest but the bands sure did look very much alive according to my powerSDR.

  2. Ziet er weer leuk uit Bert.

    Wij hadden een reünie weekend en vonden het jammer dat de cw gedeeltes van de banden vol met contest zat.

    73, Tjeerd