zondag 20 november 2011

9H1XT in LZ DX with 3.6 mW

The propagation on 10 m is getting very good. Earlier this morning the signals were S9 in the LZ DX contest. When I came back on 10 m, the signal of 9H1XT was S9 + 20 dB and sounded very strong. I used repeatedly 3.6 mW to answer. I had to force me NOT to increase the power, every time John did not hear me, but answered an other stations. After 7 or more times my perseverance payed off and the QSO was made with 3.6 mW. Tnx John.
It is a long time ago that a power of 5 mW or less could be used. This reminds me of the propagation in 2001, when I could frequently work over thousand miles with 2.5 mW or 5 mW.

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  1. Hallo Bert, 3,6mW dat gaat je voorstellingsvermogen gewoon te boven. Kun je zo weinig vermogen nog meten? Of is het de berekening die je maakt met het excel programma? Niet gek hoor...wat voor een antenne gebruikte je dit keer? Is wel handig om dat er ook bij te vermelden. 73, Bas

  2. Good morning Bert, That is fantastic with the up coming CQ WW CW contest next weekend my goal is to use the least amount of power as possible. I want to beat my last 1,000 miles per watt that was over 8,000 miles per watt.

  3. Hallo Bas, De antenne is een Inverted Vee. Dus geen "super de luxe" antenne. hi
    Het vermogen bepaal ik als volgt: Ik neem het vermogen van de FT-817, in dit geval 360 mW. De verzwakker geeft 20 dB demping, dus voor het vermogen een factor 100. Daarmee wordt het vermogen naar de antenne dan: 360 mW : 100 = 3.6 mW.

    Hello Mike, Working with very low power, it is a mix of propagation and activity. When a station is constantly calling CQ, it is easy to make a QSO with low power. But when the station is answering other stations, you have be patient and ONLY increase your power, with a step of 3 dB, when you are absolutely sure, that your signal is not heard.
    73, Bert

  4. You're amazing Bert, and inspirational. You've got me thinking in the same terms.

    Congrats of the contact!!

  5. You've done it again, Bert. Congrats. Read another blog that your 817 has bit of a problem with less than 3 watts available. You sure don't need that sort of QRO, hi.
    73 Dick