zondag 10 juli 2011

QSO with RU1A with 8 mW

As a milliwatt enthusiast, I often make QSO's with the lowest possible power.
In the IARU HF World Championship 2011 I met RU1A.
Their signal was S+++20 dB. Thus S++ through a 20 dB attenuator.
When I was answering for the 10th time or more, and my signal was still not heard, I wanted to increase my power. But then I realized (again) that the signal was very, very strong. So I kept answering with 3.6 mW and my perseverance payed off.
He did hear my with 3.6 mW, but he did not copy my call, so I immediately went to 8 mW. Then my call was copied immediately and the QSO was made.

Большое спасибо to the fine operators with their Excellent Ears at RU1A.

This is the card that I received for a QSO with just 1 mW in 2004 .
Click to read more.

Sun spots or no sun spots, it is still possible to make QSO's with very low power.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Hallo Bert, Excellent result ....

    I will have to make myself an attenuator, and attempt some QRPpp...

    Tot Ziens


  2. Hello Mark,
    A good start for the use of an attenuator is to build a 10 dB attenuator.
    I recently updated my web site and improved the Power Attenuator Calculator.
    With this excellent Calculator you can easily design an attenuator with resistors from the E12-series.

    Please go to:
    to find the Calculator.

    Good luck in QRPp,
    73, Bert

  3. Hello Bert,

    What a great contact! Well done!!

  4. Hi Bert,
    What a fabulous QRPp contact...a true inspiration! Congratulations to you and to the operator at RU1A.

    Mike, AA1TJ