zondag 17 juli 2011

IARU HF Worked DXCC Coutries

In the IARU HF World Championship, I used
the Lowest Possible Power in nearly every
QSO using a FT-817 that can be adjusted to:
360 mW, 800 mW, 1.8 W or 2.7 W and an
Inverted Vee.
For a power lower than 360 mW, I use
homebrew attenuators.

Worked DXCC Counties
In the IARU HF 2011 I worked 36 DXCC counties.

If I compare this overview of the IARU HF contest with similar overviews from 9 years ago, when the the number of sun spots was higher, the difference is that the UA stations that are worked with 8 to 80 mW now, in 2003 could be worked with 5 mW to 50 mW.
This influence of declining sun spots over the years is far less than the daily fluctuation.
In every contest it's still possible to work with QRPp and make more than 1000 Miles per watt QSO's

It is great to participate in a contest with "World Wide" activity.
This activity is almost as important as the propagation.
I met stations with Excellent Ears and many stations with very good operators.
As you can see, I had great fun with low power.
Thanks to all these fine operators.

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