dinsdag 26 april 2011

Attenuator of 20 dB to WSPR with 10 mW

QRSS and QRPp is an excellent combination.
The reduction in speed, can be translated directly into a reduction in power.
So if you are bored with 1 watt, then try this simple attenuator, which is built with good available E12-series resistors.

The input power of the attenuator is 1 watt, if the maximum power dissipation of each resistor is 1/2 watt.

This attenuator can be used to WSPR with very low power.
With the FT-817 on 1 watt, the power is reduced to 10 mW.
And with 500 mW the power of the FT-817 is reduced to 5 mW.
The difference between 10 mW and 5 mW will not be noticed, except if you look carefully at the remote S-meter of the receiving WSPR station.

7 Resistors and a switch is all you need for WSPR with QRPp with 10 mW. hi
But notice that the attenuator is also giving 20 dB attenuation while receiving.

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