woensdag 8 maart 2017

UBA DX CW 2017

I was looking forward to participate in the UBA DX CW contest with QRPp. This is a very nice contest with a lot of activity. I found out that my End fed antenna is working fine. This time I also made a few QSO's on 7 MHz. I discovered that I had to use a longer twin lead on 7 MHz than I use on 14 MHz. I made most QSO's on 14 MHz using QRPp. Click to see my End Fed with a twin lead feeder.

I came back home late, so I made 1 QSO on 14 MHz and 3 QSO's on 7 MHz on Saturday.
On Sunday I made 23 QSO's with 360 mW and 7 QSO with 800 mW to 3.6 Watt.

UBA DX CW contest 2017 - PA1B
Numbers in red are more than 1000 Miles per Watt
I am very pleased that I could make that many more than 1000 Miles/Watt QSO's.
I ran the FT-817 without the attenuator.
The lowest power of my FT-817 is 360 mW, after a serious mismatch.
But as you can see, this low power is still working fine most of the time. Hi.
20 m UBA DX CW contest 2017 - PA1B
Numbers in red are more than 1000 Miles per Watt
All QSO's were made with Search & Pounce (S&P).
I only increase my power when I am sure that my low power signal is not heard.
40m UBA DX CW contest 2017 - PA1B
Using low power, is absolutely not that difficult and is great fun.

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