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Cylinder dipole in CQ magazine

Cylinder dipole in
CQ Magazine
In the CQ WW WPX CW contest 2016 I used two indoor cylinder dipoles. After I sent in my log for the CQ WPX, Terry N4TZ noticed my soapbox. Terry asked my to send in a picture of my cylinder dipole to include in the write up of CQ Magazine. I thank Terry for the nice and beautiful write up.

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The CQ WW contests generate a lot of activity.
I use contests to make QSO's with very low power.
And. . it is good opportunity to test your antennas.

Soapbox PA1B in CQ WW WPX CW 2016
X-RADIOS:           FT-817
X-ANTENNAS:    Cylinder dipole
SOAPBOX:            I had great fun with QRP and two cylinder dipoles
SOAPBOX:           On 20m I made 3 QSO's and on 15m 4 QSO's with a 15" cylinder dipole 
SOAPBOX:           On 40m I made 3 QSO's with a 22" cylinder dipole 
SOAPBOX:           The PA1B cylinder dipole consists of two cylinders and a coil
SOAPBOX:           The coil acts as a impedance transformer
SOAPBOX:           The QSB and the good activity, did not make it easy to answer CQ's - hi
SOAPBOX:           Thanks for the activity in the contest

PA1B with cylinder dipole in CQ Magazine
The cylinder dipole shows a large capacity between the cylinders.
Although the coil and the capacity  are tuned to the band of interest, the cylinder dipole can be used as a multi-band antenna. Two taps at the center of the coil provide a low impedance feeding point to connect the twin lead.  Match for a SWR of 1:1 with your symmetrical tuner.

  Energy  Booster  cans or not, a cylinder dipole will radiate better than a wire dipole of the same length.

Thank you, Terry for the very nice write up. 

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    1. Hello Bas, it's very nice to answer questions on the cylinder dipole. With each question and each answer I gain more knowledge on the subject. I received emails from distant countries, that referred to CQ magazine, asking for information on the cylinder dipole. That's nice.
      Famous? It's very nice to meet other people, but... rather stay humble. 73, Bert