zondag 28 februari 2016

Quite a distance

The 15" cylinder dipole amazes me time and time again.

Today I was surprised by the cylinder dipole that is made of two  Monster  energy  cans  and a coil that hangs inside the shack, on the first floor. This antenna with a length of 15 inches, has proven before, that it is doing fine on 21 MHz. After a number of QSOs's with Russia and the Ukrain, I made a QSO deep in to Russia.

An hour before the end of the UBA DX contest, I met Alexander R0AA from Atsjinsk. (Ачинск) My paper notes states that the QSO was easy. (makkelijk). This was QSO number 16 in the contest.

Later I realized that R0 must be deep in to Russia. On the map I saw that Atsjinsk lays east of Kazakhstan and north of Mongolia. hi. The distance is 5223 km or 3245 Miles. WOW.

R0AA - PA1B - 5223 km  - Cylinder dipole 15" - 4 watts 

One coil and Two Monster cans
Really amazing. HI.

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