donderdag 19 maart 2015

Peters QSO's with 5 milliwatt

Are you curious how Peter DL3PB made these amazing QSO's, with an 
All diode transceiver with just 5 milliwatts on 15 meter, then read this
informative e-mail from that I received from Peter.

Hello Bert,
Glad to hear from you and thank you very much for posting my latest milliwatt results on your blog and the kind comment - I like especially the stamp-sized logos for each entry – nice work.

The original version, as posted in February 2012 (was 2 mW / 20m band) allowed some minor DX
e.g. EA8 or 5B4, but within three years,  I could not make a single contact beyond the usual one-hop distance.

Finally I came to understand, how the efficiency of the parametric VXO could be improved:
all I had to do, was to insert two small inductors in series with the varactors
once you got it, it’s all so easy...with now 5 mW on 15m band some real DX leaped into view.

Not sure, whether it’s about the somehow higher power now or the different band,
The more or less first serious attempt in the Black Sea contest was rewarded with a
first transatlantic QSO with Randy/N1KWF and the ARRL-DX contest two weeks later,
was good for another one into NJ with John/W2ID at 6050 km.
John had lot of fun with my exchange ( 599 001 ) and replied with something like 
hi ur pwr 1W fb” –
I didn’t dare to tell him the truth, because of the heavy QSB.
These two OMs must have excellent ears and actually they did most of the work.

I’ve attached a schematic (Click) with a better resolution ( .bmp ) than that on,
but of course it’s up to you, whether or not you want to post that, which will require to edit the text a bit.

Will make some more photos, when I got it into an enclosure, but that will take some time, the TRX
is still under construction and I want to maintain its multiband capability, so far I’ve tested 17m and 15m, but 12m should work as well, but that requires careful planning.

Again, many thanks, Bert – keep your great blog going.

Tot ziens!


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