zaterdag 28 februari 2015

K5MQ WSPRs on 1.8 MHz with 1 W

I received a fine comment from Dave K5MQ on my previous post:
Dave further mentioned that he was using WSPR with a power of 1 W om 160 m.

Dave wrote:
 I usually run WSPR with 1 watt here. 
Have been on 160 meter WSPR the last few days. 
Have received a 3 stations from the UK, two at 5w and one at 20w. 
The furthest my 1 watt has been heard is VE6 at 2994km from my QTH in Lousiana. 
Using a full size dipole for 160m.
73, Dave K5MQ

Here is a table with spots from Daves 1W WSPR signal from the 16th to the 28th of February 2015.
The lower the Calculated Lowest possible power, the better the propagation.
How to read the table:
K9AN at a distance of 1000 kilometer, received Daves signal 143 times.
45 Of these spots were received with a SNR of about -9 dB.
So the Calculated Lowest possible power is 10 mW
The lower the Calculated Lowest possible power, the better the propagation.

Thanks to  Dave K5MQ.
It's my pleasure to make the WPA (WSPR propagation analysis)
Visit Dave's Blog entry on WSPR on 160 meters.

* The Calculated lowest possible power is the power that could  by received with a SNR of -29 dB.
The stronger the signal the lower the Calculated lowest possible power.  
     A signal with a SNR  of
 -29 dB is a solid copy in WSPR.

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  1. Excellent analysis Bert! 73, Dave K5MQ

    1. Hello Dave, thank you. It is my pleasure.
      The Calculated Lowest Possible Power is an easy to read, appealing way, to show how low you can go. It makes clear that even less power, than 1 W can be used
      Feel free to place the analysis on you Blog. Good luck and have fun in WSPR. 73, Bert