woensdag 30 juli 2014

Building a 6 watt power attenuator

I am building an attenuator with metal film resistor of 2 watts, 600 mW and 400 mW.
Sorting out the resistors
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The store had no resistors of 1 watt, so I bought the power resistors
of 2 W and made a redesign of the attenuator.
All the resistors are metal film resistors.

The attenuator is designed to for a maximum power of  6 watts.

To the right you see the blue  box with the resistors that are needed.
The 3 dB and 7 dB sections both consist of 6 resistors each.
The 10 dB and 20 dB sections dissipate more power.
They consist of 7 resistors each.

     Outside of the box with the 20 dB section to the left.                         Inside of the box. 20 dB section to the right.                     Switches set to 17 dB                                                                             Switched mounted               
Next step soldering the resistors. 

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