dinsdag 29 april 2014

Congratulations! Your log was accepted!

I just sent in the Cabrillo log for the SP DX contest and the CQMM DX contest.
Just in time, because I had almost forgot.
Often I leave the shack after the contest, when the contest ends in the afternoon.
Sometime I spent some time on the log in the same evening.
But often I forget the contest at all, until the next weekend.

After the contests I had little time to send in the Cabrillo files.
But today I luckily remembered.

The most important part of the Cabrillo file is the Category.
Wrong category, no award.

I always spent much time on the Soapbox comments.
It's great fun to mention in the Soapbox, a single QSO that was made with very low power,
for example 10 milliwatts, using an attenuator.
Or the number of QSO's made with more than 1000 Miles per Watt.
Or a QSO that I made with South America, during the CQMM DX with just 2.5 W
But this can take quite some time to calculate the Miles per Watt and to write about it.

75 Characters
The Cabrillo file of the SP DX was immediately accepted.
The Cabrillo file for the CQMM DX was rejected at first.
The Soapbox line which are restricted to 75 characters in a line, so they were tooo long. hi.

Notes on paper
In the SP DX contests I made notes on paper during the contest.
I had great fun with QRP and QRPp in both contests.
So I wanted to catch these special moments, that I experienced,
while using the lowest possible power in these contest QSO's.      (Click to See the Notes)

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