zondag 30 maart 2014


On Saturday I made 7 QSO's in the CQ WPX SSB.
I wondered if I could make QSO's in phone with my crippled inverted V.
Last year the top broke.
I temporarily repaired the antenna, but one wire lays flat on the roof.
In the last months, I noticed that I need more power than before in CW contest QSO's.
Also I had to rediscover the "tuner settings" for each band, after the antenna had changed.

SSB also works
Using SSB in stead of CW gives a lot more QRM in the house.
Sometime I want to hold the microphone to my ear, to listen. hi
Saturday afternoon I had one hour to operate, in which I made 5 QSO's on 21 MHz with
LZ, IS0, I and EU.    I responded to signals that were S+.

In the evening I went on, but could not be heard. The in coming signals were S+, thus strong enough, but my QRP signal could not be heard. After not being heard by 3 different very loud stations I checked my power.
After tuning with CW, as I always do, I had forgotten to switch back to SSB, so I had no power at all.
After that I made two additional QSO's. Then I had to QRT, since the XYL went to bed.

Your signal is weak
On Sunday morning I easily made 5 QSO's on 7 MHz over short distances with DL, ON , PA and G.
Many operators told me that my signal was weak. But I have no tower, no Yagi, a less than perfect Inverted Vee and QRP and still managed to make QSO's, somtimes pushing the operating pratice to the limit at both ends.
Using QRP and a simple antenna, shows that Progation is more important than the Antenna. hi.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. OK Bert. QRPers expect to hear "your signal is weak". No surprise. That is what QRP is about... a weak signal able to be copied. Have a nice rest-of-Sunday.

  2. Hello Dick, sometimes I am surprised that I can even make a SSB QSO with this less than perfect antenna and low power.
    For me it's very strange to hear the operators voice, since I have used exclusively used CW for more than 20 years. hi. 73, Bert

  3. Good evening Bert, for me SSB would cause lots of possible QRM to those around me and as for CW it's great from here and no problems with QRM at all……so it's QRP and QRPp for me with CW.

    1. Hello Mike, I very much like CW, but I decided that I try SSB in some of the DX and WPX contests. Last week I worked in the SP DX contest in CW. It's so quiet in the shack. 73, Bert