zaterdag 22 februari 2014

HA-DX contest 2014

I had great fun with low power in the HA-DX contest.

I had to rediscover, what my Inverted vee would do.
In earlier contest I experienced, that I would need the full power
on 7 MHz and 3.5 MHz.

From the Cabrillo log:
SOAPBOX:       I fixed my Inverted Vee temporarily after a storm last year
SOAPBOX:       One wire is flat on the roof, but I still make QSO's
SOAPBOX:       Had great fun with QRPp and QRP from 100 mW to 5 watts
SOAPBOX:       Thanks for the activity in the contest

On 14 MHz my antenna is still working well.

In many QSO's on 40 m and 15 m, I had to use the full power of the FT-817.
But when the S-meters goes up, I can reduce the power.
I could also make QSO's with QRPp.
I had a remarkable QSO with HG8C.
When I gave my call with 500 mW, there were other stations also calling, but he came back for me.
This doesn't happen often. hi. Most of the time I must wait, till the frequency is clear.
I even had a QSO with 50 mW with RM22HD outside the contest.

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