zondag 3 november 2013

Young artist

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The young artist at work
The original drawing
This weekend our granddaughters stay with us.
On Saturday the younger of the two (4) made a drawing.
My granddaughter had asked me, how I made the colors on a drawing, that I have made.
So I sugested to color her drawing, while she was painting another drawing.
The young artist said: WOW, when I showed her the drawing with the colors. hi

Our elder granddaugther painted birds

On Sunday it started to rain, when we had planned to go to the park.
So it was time for panting.

When the rain stopped, we went to the park.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. A great age to be an artist. Fearless creativity. Unbroken hearts a good sign.

    1. Hello Dick, sorry for the delay... I was very busy for my work last week, but now I am free.
      Thanks for the reaction. You'r so right. She has so much fun in the process of creating. hi 73, Bert

  2. Hello Bert,

    I worked Santa Claus on 10 meters this morning @ 4,159 miles with 3 watts. Santa is a good CW op too....

    Nice art work by the way. I've always wanted to be creative with a paint brush. Maybe in a few years? 72's

    1. Hello John, I hope for you, that Santa brings the QSL himself, so you don't have to wait for the buro. hi
      I made some colorful drawings my self, with soft pastel, just for my own fun. But most of the time I enjoy the work of others, which can be anything. 73, Bert