vrijdag 20 september 2013

1000 Miles per Watt QSL card for Randy K5ZD

Tomorrow I will attent the annual meeting of the Benelux QRP Club in Apeldoorn.
In the same building during a meeting of the VERON, Randy K5ZD will talk there about CQ WW.
I knew that I met Randy in several contests, so I checked my log to see what power I had used in each QSO.
The PA1B 1000 Miles per Watt card for Randy K5ZD
This afternoon I wrote a card for the QSO with the lowest power.

Click to see the power that was used.
The lecture by Randy K5ZD was performed over a video link.
So my card will be send via the buro.
I met a few HAMs that also had a card for Randy with them. hi

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