dinsdag 5 maart 2013

Black Sea Cup International

The Black Sea Cup International is nice contest that is organized by the BSCC.
In just two hours I made 25 QSO's with the lowest possible power.

SOAPBOX: I had great fun with low power, in 25 QSO's
SOAPBOX: In all QSO's, I used the lowest possible power, with 
         search and pounce.
SOAPBOX: Power used 2.7 W down to 18 mW. Antenna: Inverted Vee
SOAPBOX: Used an attenuator for very low power. Hi.
SOAPBOX: Thank you for the activity in the contest.

Band      QSOs     Dupes    Points   Mults
20        23         0       202      19
15         2         0        10       2
Total     25         0       212      21

Claimed score is 4452 points

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Good morning Bert, great score and nice you were able to work 25 stations in such a short time and with QRPp to boot.

    1. Hello Mike, I like these DX contests in which I can work any station. It nice to take part with limited time. 73, Bert