vrijdag 1 maart 2013

ARRL internationl DX CW 2013

Looking back, after  nearly  two weeks, I am still confused by the great results.
I made much more QSO's, than I expected. I worked much more states.

Morse Machine
I had programmed the Morse Machine for two different reports.
For QRP: 599 003 003 for QSO's with 2.7 Watts and 599 001 001 for QSO's with 800 mW or less.
Further I programmed a button to give my power instandly, 3W 3W, if any one should ask my power. 

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21 MHz and 14 MHz
I did not start early.
I first went to 21 MHz and answered 8 CQ's
per hour for 3 1/2 hour.
I started on 21 MHz because on 14 MHz
there was more activity, but on 21 MHz
it was more relaxed.
After 3 1/2 hours I had 30 QSO's in the Log.
Not bad. Since I hoped to make between
60 and 90 QSO's. hi
Then I went to 14 MHz and the speed increased
to 12 QSO's per hour.
So at the end of the evening I had 83 QSO's in the Log. WOW

On Sunday I first made some QSO's on 21 MHz.

At the right moment to 28 MHz
When I went to 28 MHz, there were not that many stations on the band.
The longer I stayed on the band the more stations also came on the band,
so I continuously met stations, that I had worked before on 14 and 21 MHz.
At first with 12 QSO's in a hour and later with 16 QSO's per hour.

When 28 MHz closed there were about 150 QSO's logged.
After some more QSO's on 14 MHz and 21 MHz, the final number of QSO's is 162.

In 144 QSO I used a power of 2.7 Watts and
gave 5NN TT3 TT3.
I programmed the Morse Machine to give the 003 twice in each QSO.

In 9 QSO's I used 800 mW and in 7 QSO's I used 360 mW.
For these QSO's, I gave an exchange 5NN TT1 TT1.
In all most other contests, I use the lowest possible power in each QSO.
But in this contest, I only reduced my power, when the signals were much stronger than usual and only when the station was calling CQ continuously. So I did not make that many QRPp QSO's.
But I am very content with the results

3W FB  -and-  QRP GL
On many occasions the operator on the other side informed me, that he was aware of the fact that I was using QRP. From a simple CFM TU, to 3W FB or QRP GL. hi

Repeated exchange
The exchange 599 003 can be an confusing experience.
Just for fun I kept note, of the times, that I had to repeat or explain my exchange.
On Saturday I had to repeat in 8 QSO's on 21 MHz and later in only 2 QSO's on 14 MHz.
On Sunday I had to repeat my exchange only in 3 QSO's.

My antenna is an Inverted Vee for 40 meters. which also works very well on  higher frequencies.

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  1. Hello Bert,

    I've started doing a similar thing with the built in memory keyer on my Icom 703. It sure makes it easier on the hands and wrist, not to mention a much more simple exchange.

    I've only got three options which means I run out of the standard 559 TU very quickly. Hihi

    1. I always use a Bencher, assisted by the Morse Machine. 73, Bert