donderdag 14 februari 2013

REF CW contest 2013

This year I only participated for a total of 45 minutes on Sunday.
In a relaxed way, I used search and pounce with the use of the lowest possible power in each QSO.
The conditions were good for the use of low power on 14 MHz.
On 14 MHz all QSO are good for 1000 Miles per Watt.
Despite the short distance to France, 5 out of 6 QSO's are made with QRPpp*.
On 7 MHz I had to use the maximum power of 2.7 watts in most QSO's.

The changes in propagation can be very large.
In the afternoon, I met a station from Corsica, that I had worked earlier with 360 mW.
I tried to make an second QSO with 36 mW. His signal was S9 + 10 dB. He recognized my call and gave QSO B4. I gave a new report. But then we ended up, transmitting at the same time. So.....this QSO will probably not make it into the log. hi

I enjoyed the opportunity to work with very low power in the REF CW contest.

QRPpp* is the (not official) term that I use for a power of less than 100 mWBert PA1B QRPpp

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