zondag 14 oktober 2012

SPRAT 152 arrived

A few days ago Sprat arrived. I was eagerly awaiting the new Sprat. This new SPRAT 152 would contain an article, that I wrote about easy to build Power Attenuators with resistors from the E12-series.

I expected the SPRAT to arrive last week. But when it did not arrive in the following week, I was surprised. Then I went to the interesting Blog of Roger G3XBM, to see whether he already received his copy and writes about it. NO. Then I sent a mail to Roger. YES. Roger did receive Sprat, last week and wrote that he enjoyed the article. Tnx Roger.

I hope you all enjoy the article and have success and lots of FUN with you new build attenuators.
When the S-meter goes up, the power goes down. 

Not received SPRAT?
A quick search brought my to the GQRP club members new page with the following message at the bottom of the page:

Sprat 152 - 28/9/2012 - From G4WIF
The latest Issue 152 is now beginning to arrive but will probably not be complete worldwide until well into mid/late October. Please don't contact me if yours hasn't arrived until the end of the 3rd week of October. Please also don't assume that as your friend in the same town has their Sprat that yours must have got lost - as bulk mail can be unpredictable.

So I had to be pacient. hi

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  1. Congrats on being "published". It is a great sensation. I never joined G-QRP though I should, now that I reside over here most of the year. I am getting serious about QRP again. 73 Dick

    1. Hello Richard, It's great fun to write for Sprat. It's a large platform for QRP and QRPp. I courious on the response. Hopefully I can tempt some people to QRPp hi. 73, Bert