zaterdag 29 september 2012

LZ2HR with 360 mW

I received a beautiful QSL card from Hristo LZ2HR. I receive the card not via the bureau, but via the mail. The QSO was made in the UBA contest 2012 in CW on 14 MHz. I used a power of 360 mW and a Inverted Vee, over a distance of 1180 miles resulting in 3278 Miles/Watt.

Did you know that in Bulgaria the Cyrillic alphabet is used.  So Hristo makes an additional translation to the Latin alphabet, when he is using  English words in CW. Wow.

Many years ago, when I was on holiday in Bulgaria, the first word that I could read, was РЕСТОРАНТ. This means restaurant.
Click on the stamps to see the word Bulgaria also in Cyrillic.

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  1. Hallo Bert, erg mooie kaart. Altijd leuk een directe QSL. Heb ik altijd veel liever als via bureau. Maar krijg zelf eigenlijk nooit direct QSL. Is misschien 2 keer gebeurd in 6 jaar. 73, Bas