zondag 13 mei 2012


On Easter Saturday we walked the Knuppelpad (bat path) on landgoed Oostbroek. Our youngest grand daughter calls it Knuffelpad (hug path). hi

The water behind us is a former arm of the river Rhine, the ancient border of the north of the Roman Empire. This water has been a part of the river Rhine. But the water is now separated from the river Rhine. I took the picture of the four of us, with the camera facing to the east.

On the right side is (was) the Roman Empire. At that time this part in the Netherlands called Germania Inferior Inferior means low lands. Not unimportant! hi.

At the Bat Path

Writing QSL cards.

Sunday walk. Around Plas Middelkoop. With grazing Highland Cooows. 

Op de kinderboerderij.

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  1. Good evening Bert, always nice to get out with the grand kids. Very nice pictures of the adventure and when we were in England last year my wife flipped over the Highland cooooows.

  2. Great entry Bert....love the cows! (both of them))

  3. Hallo Bert, knuffel pad, ja die kinderen kunnen er een leuke draai aan geven. Met het zonnetje was het best wel lekker, maar de wind was een beetje koud. Maar goed het was gelukkig droog. 73 Paul

  4. Leuk uitje Bert, leuke foto's ook. Was je daar nou ook QSL kaarten aan het schrijven? Kon dat zo niet uit het verhaal opmaken ;-). 73, Bas

  5. Hello fellow Bloggers, the grand children stayed with us during the Easter weekend. We visited several places. Over the weekend we had sun, but also rain, so we could use the very large family umbrella. hi. We had so much fun.
    This time the were grazing just near the entrance. Over the weekend I took more pictures than I can show. The cards I wrote at home, while the children drawing.
    73, Bert

  6. Hello Bert. Nice photos and it appears a fine time was had by all.

    I presume you are still pursuing your QRP and QRPp activities.

    73 Dick