zondag 22 april 2012

Still using the Internet Explorer

Blogger has changed the navigation to make a new Blog entry. They changed it in a way that the Internet Explorer is NOT working.
I have used the Google browser Chrome for a while. But  the Chrome cuts and pastes differently from Internet Explorer giving problems with in copying and pasting of tables and data from lists, like the WSPR database. So I already went back to the Internet Explorer.
Now I must use the Google browser, if I want to make a new Blog entry.
So Chrome is still installed, but for all internet surfing I only use the Internet Explorer.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Good morning Bert, I have Chrome installed on my PC's but rarely use it. I do use and have had no troubles with Firefox.

  2. Hallo Bert, ik gebruik altijd chrome. Nooit problemen mee gehad? Maar misschien wil jij iets waar ik nooit aan gedacht heb. Je zou een andere browser kunnen proberen zoals in de voorgaande commentaren al voorgesteld word. Overigens is het niet echt netjes van blogger, er zullen wel meer klachten over komen. 73, Bas

  3. Hello, I very much like the Blogger templates. That is why I have chosen for Blogger. But it must work with ANY browser. 73, Bert

  4. Blogger is quirky, Blogger is free. We must live with that or delve into something like Wordpress.

  5. Hello Casey, thanks for you comment. I don't know if the Chrome is different on purpose or just quirky. hi (Dutch: spitvondig). I vey much like the beautiful templates of Blogger. The PA1B's QRPp Blog is a great addition to my informative website. 73, Bert