zondag 29 april 2012

K3WW with 100000 Miles per Watt

When I went into the ARRL international DX contest, the first station that I heard was K3WW. K3WW is a station with Excellent Ears.
The signal of Charles was stronger than the usual S8.
The signal was over S9, so I decided to try a lower power than the usual 360 mW and I switched to 36 mW, using a 10 dB attenuator. I expected that I had to use more power, but to my surprise we made the QSO with just 36 mW in CW, using an Inverted Vee.
My FT-817 only gives 360 mW instead of 500 mW after a serious mismatch, but I still have great fun with low power and 1000 MPW.

The distance between my QTH JO22na and K3WW in FN20ii is 3725 miles.
With 36 milliwatts this gives 103000 Miles per Watt.
Thank you Charles for the fine QSO. Hpe cuagn in the next contest.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Hallo Bert, mooi resultaat. Op welke band? 73 Paul

  2. Good morning Bert, now that is great miles per watt distance!!

  3. Hello Paul, on 15 m with an Inverted Vee.
    Hello Mike, this is the lowest power and the highest MPW score in a QSO with North America.
    73, Bert

  4. Hello Bert,

    You continue to inspire me with contacts like this one....Amazing isn't it?

    My most amazing so far is RD3A who worked me from Moscow on 40 meters. Ears are everything aren't they? I don't know how they do it. Hihi


  5. Hello John, Valery RD3A is a very skilled operator, patienced and an excellent listener. Ten years ago I could work him with 2.5 or 5 milliwatt over a distance of 1330 miles in many diffent contests. Now I need more power. hi

  6. i just got my first 5000 miles per watt on my '817 from bulgaria to washington on an indoor loop facing the wrong way. i was stoked... then i saw your score! well done and lets keep turning the power down.
    73 de lz2ilr

  7. Hello, congrats on your 5000 MPW. It's great to discover low power. I think you used about 1 watt.
    When the propagation is very good, you can use an even lower power. just reduce your power, when the S-meter goes up. hi
    I use low power since I started as a HAM in 1990. I worked many European DXCC's with a homebrew CW QRPp transceiver for 40 m, with 500 milliwatts. I was suprised with every new DXCC. Now I make many contest QSO's with low power.
    Затегнете коланите before looking at the table on my site. http://a29.veron.nl/pa1b-08.htm
    Good luck, 73, Bert