dinsdag 17 april 2012

CQMM DX coming up this weekend

The CQMM DX is a very special contest for QRP sytations.
A QRP station is recognized by it's exchange. E.g. SAQ meaning South America QRP. So as a QRP station you immediately known, that the QSO is a 2 way QRP QSO, when you receive such an exchange.

Last year I had great fun in the CQMM DX contest. Look at this Blog entry of 2011.

In the CQMM DX contest of 2011, I was surprised by the excellent propagation, which made it possible to work with stations in South America and North America with just 1 W or 2.5 W.

Next weekend there will be much activity from South America, so join the fun in the CQMM DX in which you can work every station.

Click for the CQMM DX website or Rules 2012

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Good morning Bert, I have never heard of this contest before...or have but paid not attention to it. Sounds great to get on the air and drop down to QRPp. Also nice to know who is QRP operating. Maybe we will work each other? Have a good day.

  2. Hello Mike, I have placed a link to the Website and the Rules. My exchange is 599 EUQ. Your exchange will be 599
    NAQ. It's great fun that QRP stations a recognized by the Q in their exchange. Last year I made one 2 way QRP QSO to NA and one with SA and a DUPE with even lower power. 1W.
    Good luck and have fun in the CQMM DX, Bert