zondag 21 augustus 2011

IOTA contest

We have been on holiday to the Azores. My wife and I were on the island Terceira. We were in a hotel with a beautifull swimming pool.
The FT-817 went with me in the suitcase and did a great job.
During the IOTA contest I used an end fed wire of 20 meters, fed via a 300 ohm ribbon like a Zepp. The ribbon ran from the balcony 3 meters up and from there the 20 mtr wire ran in to the garden. Only in the IOTA the antenne was out during day ligth hours. The antenna is matched by a homebrew light weight tuner. Further I used a homebrew light weight paddle.
I used the FT-817 with a power of 2.7 W, 1,8 W, 800 mW and 360 mW.
At 17.00 UTC I started in the IOTA contest.

After 5 QSO's I we went to see the bulls in a street near the hotel. We were standing on the back of an open truck. It was spectaculair to see. When the bull hitted the truck, I had heart rate over 180.
After diner I continued in the IOTA contest at 22:15 utc and continued until 02:00 utc. This was later then planned, but I did not want to mis the fun. In the days before I had noticed that the best propagation was in the evening. The next morning it was more difficult to make QSO's. So after 3 QSO's in one houre I stopped. The total of QSO's is 50. Not bad for a maximum power of 2.7 wats.

Before the holiday I was wondering wether my power would be enough.
On holiday I work on a 12V 4Ah battery. The maximum power, when fully charged, is about 2 watts and drops fast to 1 watt.
During the holiday we met Antonio CU3AC, who showed us the island and invided us at home for an excellent prepared Alcatre.
Antonio offered me to use a power supply. So I could unleash a maximum power of 2.7 watts. Thank you Antinio.

As a milliwatts enthusiast I have used QRPp when the S-meter indicated a very strong signal.
By doing so, I even made about 8 QSO's with more than "1000 Miles per Watt".

I even worked more islands then I expected and that is good for the multiplier. hi

I had great fun in the IOTA contest, during an unforgettable holiday.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Hallo Bert, dat noem ik pas een geslaagde vakantie. En mooie resultaten. 73 Paul

  2. Hallo Paul, Dank je voor de leuke reactie. En ik heb ook nog 49 gewone CW QSO's gemaakt. hi, Bert

  3. Hallo Bert, een geslaagde vakantie. Wat is een "Alcatre"? 73, Bas

  4. Hallo Bas, Alcatre is rundvlees in een heerlijk bouillon. 73, Bert

  5. Leuk verslag Bert. Een keer aan de andere kant van de "pile up".

    73, Tjeerd

  6. Hallo Tjeerd, Dank je. Ik heb een antal keren CQ geroepen, ook in de wedstrijd, maar dat bleek keer op keer vruchteloos te zijn. Bijna alle QSO's zijn tot stand gekomen door een CQ te beantwoorden.

  7. Good morning Bert great work with the FT-817 and the contacts that were made. As for the running of the bulls.....not for me and I just don't understand who in their right mind would go up against a bull in the first place. Enjoy the vacation!!

  8. Hallo Bert,
    I bet you were glad to be on the back of the truck when that bull was heading your way :0)

    Sounds like a good holiday Bert....many memories to keep...

    CU3AC loaned you a power supply..proper ham spirit.. :0)

    73 de Mark MW0MJB

  9. Hello Mike and Mark,
    When we found out that this "bull thing", was very close to the hotel, we decided to have a look. Four bulls were released one by one. We were standing on the truck all of the time. Neigther the people nor the bulls got hurt.

    It was great to meet Antonio. I also worked from the shack of Antonio, using my FT-817.
    We all had a great time.
    73, Bert