woensdag 1 maart 2017

ARRL int DX CW 2017

I was hoping to make QRPp QSO's in the ARRL international DX CW contest 2017. I did not make many QSO's, because I had very limited time on both days. But I did enjoy the contest very much.
A week ago I made an End fed antenna to work in the PACC. The antenna is sloping down to the east, so I was curious how the End fed would do to the west. I am not disappointed.

Because I was away for most of the day, I started late on Saturday on 14 MHz.
In the first 3 QSO's I had to use 3.6 W and 1.8 W. After that I could reduce to 800 mW.
When the band closed on Saturday evening, I had made 11 QSO's all with Search and Pounce (S&P). The signal of K1ZZ was very strong, so I reduced to 360 mW before answering his CQ.
The response was immediately correct.

When I started on Sunday I could hear European stations. On 14 MHz I could only hear stations that I had worked before on Saturday, so I went to 21 MHz. On this band I could work 6 stations all with just 800 mW, as you can see in the table below. I could work with W3LPL with 360 mW. His response was also immediately correct. hi.

ARRL int DX CW contest 2017 PA1B
Numbers in red are "more than
1000 miles per watt QSO's"
599 001      001?
Working with QRP and QRPp is great fun.
In the ARRL DX CW contest the DX stations like myself give their power in the report.
When I reduce to less than 1 watt, I will give the report 599 001.
This report can create some confusion. When I use 3.6 W I will give 599 004.
I will give 599 001, when I use a power of 800 mW, but also with 360 mW.
One operator was quiet for one full second after receiving my 599 001, before he realized that my power was about 1 W.  Hi.

Excellent ears
When I met K5ZD and N1TA, their  signals were not that strong and the QRM was increasing. I was really surprised that they could hear my 800 mW at all. But we could complete the QSO with no trouble at all. FB. Probably they had less QRM than that I had.

End fed
I am very pleased with my End fed. It works fine to the east and to the west.

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